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The Olga de Polga collections, born in Britain almost a decade ago, have brought pleasure to women around the world. Many have a favourite Olga de Polga outfit they have worn for years.

That’s one reason why we so much enjoy keeping in touch with our customers and why we have a boutique at either end of the world – in London’s famous Spitalfields and Melbourne’s best known fashion strip, Chapel Street, Prahran. We hear what you like and see what suits you.

Here at our on-line shop we give you as much information as possible about each garment, for you to make your best choice. We’ll even give you the feel of a piece – how it floats or clings, slides over or just stands away from your body.

We believe women need to feel good in what they wear, which is one of the many reasons why satisfaction is a combination of shape and textile; visual appeal and a comforting, confident, tactile sensation.

We love retro. It’s not just a matter of being fashionably vintage, it’s a case of paying attention to fashion’s most enduring values – beautiful fabrics, stylish prints, flattering colours, enhancing shapes and the freedom within these to express your individuality.

We appreciate you taking the time to consider making a choice that suits you, in particular. We look forward to providing you with super speedy – if not quite instant – gratification, by dispatching it to you as fast as humanly possible.

All we ask is that you enjoy, enjoy and then enjoy again, what you purchase.

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